For the past 10 years, Lew Bayer who is recognized as one of the leading experts on civility in North America has been teaching,  speaking, and writing about civility...civility at home, civility in the community, civility at work, and civility around the world.

Recognizing that civility, good manners and diversity are skills best acquired at an early age, Lew and her team of Civility Experts wanted to expand their current offerings to the 3 to 8 age category with activities adapted to this specific kids audience. The Civility Experts are happy to have joined forces with "the kids" game producer (4Bambini) as the first North American distributor for the games.

The games are currently available in English and Czech and are now distributed and
available through In Good Company (The Civility Experts) and The Center for
Organizational Cultural Competence (COCC).

The three games currently available are;

Don’t Pick Your Nose! – Etiquette for Children. The game focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and proper social behavior, and essential skills for a good start in life.

Watch Out! – A Safe Start to Life. The game’s aim is to prevent kids domestic and outdoor accidents which one out of every four families normally face between the age of three and eight.

Diversity! We Are Not All the Same. The game helps children understand & respect differences, teaching tolerance and empathy.

We welcome you to explore our site, review the available games and take a look at our FREE Stuff page to get some great printable manners related coloring pages and even a FREE Kids Manners Lesson - our gift to you, our customer.

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